Mold Damage

Mold Damage Service

Mold growth due to flood damage within residential homes and commercial buildings is occurring more often these days, leaving the home owner with a numerous problems. When you come across mold smells, or visible wall mold, attic mold, sheetrock mold, water damage is usually to blame.

Mold has the capability of getting out of control quickly, spreading at a fast pace. Mold growth can occur 48-72 hours from the initial wetting period.

If moisture is found Floodgates will germicide all affected areas, drying should take place immediately to minimize thr growth of mold. If your house has had recent water damage, it is very important to let an experienced mold removal professional take care of it for you.

What you should know:


Mold reproduces by creating very small spores, not visible with the human eye.


Mold spores can continue to float through the air and can damage walls, sheetrock or colonize a damp attic.


Mold needs a source of nutrition, or a food source, moisture and a certain temperature to grow. If these conditions are met, molds duplicate and colonize. The fast growth depends on a combination of conditions, some of which allow for the germination of spores within 12 hours, and some growing within 24 to 48 hours.

We offer professional carpet cleaning with the latest technology to remove water as deep as the underpad. It eliminates the risks of delaminating and mold growth, germicide is also sprayed to control odors.