Fire Damage

Fire Damage Restoration Service

Fire restoration includes cleaning and repairing after a house fire that might have been caused by synthetic materials in carpets, toys, wiring, or furniture.  This incomplete combustion can leave acid deposits and soot needing immediate clean up.

Soot and smoke can travel throughout the rooms of the house, regardless of whether or not the fire was contained in a single room.  This can affect paint, carpet, upholstery, drapes, clothing and other personal belongings.

Service You Can Trust

Floodgates Restoration is a trusted fire damage restoration service. We are your sure-fire answer to soot damage cleanup. All fires, big or small, create two problems:

Smoke damage must be neutralized and sealed with barriers to get rid of odors caused by fire in your home (thermal fogging).


Dealing with soot damage clean up and soiling has to be dealt with professionally.

Floodgates Restoration’s knowledgeable and experienced personnel can help determine whether your area rugs, carpets, mattresses and furniture are salvageable and need professional cleaning.